Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Fashion: The Trench Coat

Hey everyone!

Sadly summer is coming to an end :( I will miss the hot summer days but I am very excited to get back to school, fall back into a routine and of course update my wardrobe with some Fall attire! I wanted to share with you some of my top fashion choices for Fall and maybe provide some inspiration for those who want it!

Okay lets get started! Once colder weather comes around I'll always pull out my trench coats. (Yes I said trench-coats- I have quite a few). The trench for me is a staple in autumn - I love the look and I feel that they are a timeless, chic piece, so elegant and classy and it definitely helps pull any look together. You can never go wrong with a black, tan or camel colored trench coat. They are an investment in your wardrobe as you can pull them out year after year and look great time and time again.

Some great ones are by London Fog and Burberry featured below:

These brands have been around for years, and London Fog specifically is synonymous with the trench coat. Obviously, a purchase like this will set you back a pretty penny- however the quality and design is exceptional- and it can definitely be an investment to your wardrobe.

For the more daring-or more trendy-colored trench coats are fabulous for fall. It will definitely add a punch of color to your wardrobe and make you stand out from the crowd. I think it is easiest (at least for me) to buy colored trench coats at a lower price point , simply because I'd love to have as many colors as I can.You can find great and affordable ones at TopShop and Mango :)

Trenches are a very classic piece of outerwear, however there are definitely some edgy, fashion forward and creative spins on the trench coat. I've seen leather trenches, animal print ones, some with peplum and frill and studs, etc- for whatever your style may be.

Above is the Leopard Trench Coat by Burberry for Fall 2013 as well as the black Leather Trench Coat by Rudsak. Those two are definitely my faves for this season! What do you guys think of trenches?
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