Thursday, September 5, 2013

YOUR HAMPER: How to Pick the Perfect Present

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Today's post is a feature from a company that we will be collaborating with called Your Hamper . They're a wonderul company and have a great unique concept and  we are very excited to be working with them. They will be blogging for A Beauty Piece on an ongoing basis so keep a look out for some exciting new posts! 

Here is some more information about YourHamper written by Sarah Cumber who is the Brand Communications Manager at  YourHamper. With her vast experience in the gift giving industry, she knows how to find exactly the right hamper contents for all different occasions and all sorts of people.

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INDULGING THOSE YOU LOVE: How to pick the perfect present

Working in the  gift hamper industry, I spend a huge amount of my time thinking about presents. 
There’s no doubt about it: quality time spent with those you love is one of the greatest gifts there is. Despite this, when it comes to a special occasion – be it birthday, Christmas, or something else – we are provided with the chance to demonstrate to them exactly how much we care, and how appreciated they are.

I don’t know about you, but in such times I know a lot of people who find themselves inexorably stumped. Despite knowing their family and friends as well as they do and spending so much time over the years learning about their likes, dislikes, personality and experiences, each time they are faced with a special occasion they cycle through idea after idea about what to buy them. 

Slowly but surely, everything on the potential list is crossed off (too expensive, too cheap, too boring, not ‘them’ enough, too unoriginal, already owned, etc) until we are frequently left with one unhelpful suggestion: something brilliant.

Recovering the art of gift giving. I’m sure it wasn’t always this way; I’d like to think that once upon a time, people were  good at buying gifts. Recently, I think more people have started to find their feet again. How? I’ve helped some people by sharing the crafty idea of placing gifts into categories and choosing the most appropriate depending on what you feel your loved ones most need. Here’s what I mean...

Pamper. This is a vital component of any gift, and is probably how a significant majority of gifts can be categorised. Choose a present for someone that they might not normally buy for themselves that lets them have a little ‘me time’. For women, think about finding heavenly scents and the sorts of cosmetics that let them feel beautiful again – bubble baths, body scrubs and body washes are a big bonus. Don’t be fooled into thinking the men in your life won’t appreciate the time or a bit of pampering either. For my other half’s last present, I created a hamper of incredible shaving balms and an old-style shaving brush. He’d never admit it how much he loves it, but the fact he starts every Saturday morning routine with my caring bundle demonstrates just how good a gift it was.

Treat. I’m going to say what we’ve all been thinking for a long time: diets are rubbish. I’ve been really good 
with mine, mostly through managing to resist buying anything I love when I visit the supermarket. That’s why I love the ‘treat’ gift, which says “Hello! I know you love this, but you’ll never buy it for yourself. Enjoy!” For my in-laws, who have a terrible habit of sharing absolutely everything, this meant picking out their favourite liqueur to drink together as a nightcap. In the past, I was also once given an enormous gift basket full of sweet treats, including biscuits, chocolates and some of my favourite jelly babies. 

Personalise. It should go without saying that the perfect present is one you’ve chosen specifically for the person in mind rather than something a little more generic. For someone extra-special, the best thing to 
do is to pick out as many small things as you can from the above two categories and combine them into one super-present. In much the same way that we get to know people through a series of small interactions that build together, day after day, creating a hamper full of small items that mean a lot to someone can add up to the ideal present that demonstrates just how much you care about them. Last year my sister sent me an incredible  gift hamper packed with small bits and bobs that she’d chosen herself. Without a doubt, it was the best present I’ve ever received, and each new item I pulled out made me want to grin like a mad thing or cry with sheer joy at being sent something that made me feel incredibly loved and cared for.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?