Monday, July 22, 2013

Beautiful People and Clear Skin

Hey dolls! I have a wonderful little skin recipe that I'd like to share with you guys today but before we get into that I want to share one of my favorite quotes with you guys:

The ever beautiful Audrey Hepburn spoke those words, and it's definitely a quote that I read very often - either when I'm feeling stressed out, sad, worried, discouraged, happy, I mean you name it.... I put that quote in my very first blog post and the reason I am talking about it today is because I want to make it clear that even though this blog is about makeup, beauty and tons of things that can be viewed as purely superficial it is EVEN MORE so about being beautiful INSIDE AND OUT. 

I am the first person to say that life is NOT about what you look like. Being beautiful on the outside doesn't count for much if your not just as beautiful of a person on the inside. I do believe that people should put effort into their appearance and take care of themselves, and of course I love beauty- but I know that inner beauty, being yourself and finding your passions are the truly important things in life. 

So after all of that rambling, I just want to say that Ms. Hepburn had it right- you should do good to feel good:)

So on to my post for today... I want to share a quick skin fix that can help you keep clean and clear skin. It is geared towards acne prone skin but even if you only get the occasional breakout this paste can be use as a spot treatment as well. 

So I saw this recipe on the Dr Oz show and I've heard of variations of this recipe before and I wanted to test it out. I have to say that this works really well and is better than any store bought acne treatment  out there, IMO. 

It works really well for my skin and I love that you use simple and natural ingredients. 

I hope you like it, and let me know how it works on your skin. 

Dr Oz's Skin Remedy for clear skin: with aspirin and lemon juice 

What you need is:

- non-coated aspirin
- lemon juice
- baking soda

Prep. Combine freshly squeezed lemon juice with 6-10 mashed up, non-coated aspirin until fully dissolved and a paste is formed. 

Apply. Apply the paste to clean skin (all over the face like a mask or as a spot treatment) and let sit for 10-15 minutes. 

Remove. To clean the skin afterward, use a coton pad that has been soaked in an mixture of baking soda and water. 

In this recipe, the acidity in the lemon juice and aspirin help remove and clean acne affected areas and the baking soda at the end helps alkalize the skin so it won't keep any acidic residue that may harm the skin, and it restores the PH balance in the skin. 

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