Monday, June 10, 2013

HOW TO: Fill in your Eyebrows

Hello ladies! A few weeks ago I posted an eyebrow tutorial, How to: A guide to shaping the perfect eyebrows which is a step by step guide to plucking your eyebrows and getting the best shape. Since then I've gotten a request from a reader to talk about filling in your eyebrows, which is what today's post is about. 

No two eyebrows are perfectly identical and using powder or pencil to fill in sparse areas can really help your eyebrows look more defined. Also, if you need your eyebrows to grow out, you can use something to fill in your eyebrows until you ultimately get the desired shape you want and so this is the post for you. 

Now there are two common products used to fill in eyebrows: either a powder and/or an eyebrow pencil. 

Powder. These products give a much more natural effect when filling in the brow. You can use a small angled brush and in small light strokes you can achieve a very natural look. At Sephora you can find many good products,  and the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (23$)  is one of those great products. It comes in many shades and each compact has a darker tone powder and a lighter one, so you can really create your own mix to achieve the perfect color for yourself. 
That is one of my favorite products and it last a long long time so its relatively inexpensive.
Of course you can always use an eyeshadow that you already have to fill in your eyebrows and that will work great too. Scroll down for tips on choosing a good color.
Eyebrow Powder duo Anastasia

MAC Eyebrow Pencil Pencil. Pencils are great if you want to fill in your eyebrows much more quickly and if you like a very defined shape. Powder products do look much more natural, but if you know how to fill in your eyebrows well with a pencil then they can look just as great. It took me a while to perfect my technique but now that I have, I definitely prefer using an eyebrow pencil on a daily basis. My all-time favorite eyebrow pencils are from M.A.C (18$) just because they are super slim, come in many colors and the texture is slightly wax-like so it has amazing lasting power. Again, like the powder the trick to getting a natural look is to use short light strokes. You will feel like you are drawing in tiny hairs.


  • When choosing a color, keep in mind that Blondes and Brunnettes are better off keeping away from brow powders/pencils with too much red in them. It will look very apparent that you fill in your eyebrows if you do. Find something ashy (hint of green) or neutral and your eyebrows will look more natural 
  • Don't press hard with your brush or pencil when applying the color, it will look to drawn-in
  • I suggest choosing a color a shade or two lighter then your natural hair color if you have dark hair. Too dark of a color may look very harsh and dramatic, unless of course that is the look you are going for.
  • For light-haired women, using a powder instead of the pencil is best, and you can use a color a shade darker than your hair
These are my suggestions when filling in your eyebrows. I want to hear from you guys, let me know what you think! Do you fill in your eyebrows? What do you use? 

Much love, 

XO, Amelia