Friday, June 14, 2013

SUMMERTIME FINE: Summer Fashion Edition

Hello Beauties! 

Todays post is the fashion edition of my Summertime Fine Series. All of these outfits are from H&M so I hope you enjoy :)

So, the other day I decided to browse some online shopping sites because I was in the mood to treat myself to some cute new outfits. Every now and then I like to pamper myself, can't blame a girl can you? I am a super girly girl, and I love to wear dresses as often as I can, so I was looking for some cute dresses that I can wear from day to day. 

I did find two that I really liked: 

I tan pretty easily in the summer and so I like wearing bright colors, it makes my tan stand out even more. I especially like blue, aqua and turquoise colored things in the summer, and so this dress caught my eye. It was 14.95$, I got the Mint and Fuschia colors, and I really like the flared skirt. I would pair this with some cute wedges or gladiator type sandals (I'm tall so I feel pretty comfortable wearing flats) and I think it would be perfect for a busy summer day.

This next dress I got in Coral and it was 29.99$.  

I love Maxi-Dresses because they're so comfortable and versatile. Plus I love love love dresses that flow when you walk. I already have this particular item in black and I pair it with a black and gold buckle belt that I got from BCBG last year. 

I got these two skirts because of course they're so pretty but also because it will be so easy to dress them up and take them from day to night.  I love the pattern on the blue skirt ( 19.95$) and I can pair it with a simple crop top or a much looser fitting tank top.  

The white skirt was 34.95$ and I love the detail on it. It is very flirty and girly and I would simply pair this with a tank top for a cutesy look or maybe even a crop top to dress it up in a different way. 

This next outfit I just had to get. I love the color of the twill shorts(14.95$) and I paired it with this peplum style pattern tank top(19.95$) for a girly touch.

Finally I just got some loose tank tops that I thought were cool. I have tons of these type of tops and I get pretty good use out of them...And they're super affordable too! The skull top is 17.95$ and the cross-patterned one was only 14.95$.

So this is what I gifted to myself as a start of summer wardrobe! All of the items were from H&M and I am so happy the are all very affordable. I hope you enjoyed them :)

Let me know what is your favorite fashion style and where you like to shop! Until next time,