Thursday, May 16, 2013

Red Lips: The best reds for your skintone


Red is a timelessly classic lipstick choice however it can be daunting for some women to wear. I was nervous at first but the trick is to pick shade that complements you and not something that makes you look like Ronald McDonald. But it can be very  confusing trying to find good information about what colors to wear for your skintone. You can read one thing on a blog or in a magazine and the complete opposite somewhere else. So who's right? Below I've identified some general guidelines based on skin colouring , but remember they're just some tips based from my personal experience. Also take into consideration your eye and hair color when choosing. They can be great tools to judge how bright or intense you can go with the color. So here are the best reds for different skin tones. Find your match and we can all channel our inner Marilyn. 

For Fair Skin. If you have this creamy porcelain-like complexion you look best in bright reds with coral or orange undertones. The warmness in these types of red lipstick will really make your face come alive. I say this because these are the brightest  reds and and will not look too dark and overwhelming for this creamy complexion. 

Medium, Olive and Bronze Skin. The lucky bunch you are have yellow/golden and or green undertones and that means that red is a universally flattering color no matter what shade you choose. You can have fun and experiment with coral reds, blue based reds, true reds, cranberry reds, warm and cool reds. You can have it all so have fun! I think pink based reds are my favourite though for this skin type, but basically it's Carte Blanche. 

Dark Skin Tones.A darker skin complexion generally can handle much more color.  This means that you can truly pick a deep dark red to wear. Blue-based reds work really well with your skin as do purple-based reds (rich colours like plum red, dark cherry red and so on). But if you aren't afraid of going bright and bold then by all means find a warm red as it will stand out beautifully, but you may have to lean toward a darker one to meet the intensity of your skin. 

If you don't know which category you may fall under try a coral-red. You may have to tweak how bright or how dark of a red you will choose depending on preference, but these pinky based reds are a fabulous color for any complexion. Try Ravish me Red by Revlon sold at most drugstores (7$), it is a true red with a hint of coral that helps soften it.  

The truth is we can wear what we like, it doesn't mean that if you should only stick to one shade. Through trial and error we can see what colours makes our face come alive.These are just some of my tips to making your lipstick choosing easier. You should rock whichever shade you feel the sexiest in. I think the best thing to pair with red lips is confidence, so go for it. 

Leave a comment if you have any tips on choosing the best red for skin type and let me know which are your favorite reds. 

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