Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SUMMERTIME FINE: Best Sunless Tanners

One thing I love about summer is having a golden sun kissed glow, but we all know how laying in the sun and in sun beds can cause some seriously scary skin damage and premature aging. Ummmm, No Thank You! We ladies (and Gents) are much smarter than to go in the sun without UV protection nowadays. So todays post is about a much safer alternative: sunless tan. 

Finding a good self-tanner is critical so I'll tell you my favourite ones that I've tested and swear by.  We've all had embarrassing experiences and I for one DO NOT want to look orange or radioactive again. So here are my tips on how to get a sun kissed glow without actually being kissed by the sun. 

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Exfoliate. The last post in the 'Summertime Fine' series was about body scrubs. A good way to prep your skin for some self-tanner is to properly exfoliate your skin so that you don't end up with patches on your skin. 

Prep. Okay so the hardest areas to apply sunless tan to are your knuckes, fingernails, toes and the side of your feet, because the tanner builds up and gives a really ugly look to these areas. So you have to apply a barrier, some kind of ointment or cream to prevent this orange buildup. Use: Vaseline, Aquaphor, Zyncophax and apply a thin layer to any problem area before tanning. 

Apply. Make sure your skin is COMPLETELY dry before using any self tanner. I also suggest standing over an old towel or newspaper to prevent getting a mess anywhere. Wait at least 10 minutes before putting your clothes back on to prevent smudges ( you may want to wear loose fitting dark clothes for the couple hours until you can shower again.) 

Tried and tested Sunless Tanners:

So I've told you how to get the most out of your self-tan and how to properly prep and now I want to share my favourite products! A lot of them are super affordable and available at the drugstore , so here goes. I'll tell which ones I love and why in order of most affordable to most expensive. 

Jergens Natural Glow. It is a cream product with very slight color pay off at first. This is very safe to use because ou have to gradually build up to a more intense color, and therefore mistakes are less visible. You apply it like regular lotion and have to wash your hands IMMEDIATELY afterwards. I like this obviously because it is good for begginners, it doesn't come out orange, but also because you get to choose how intense you want your color to be. I also love that they have a lighter cream that you can use for the face. (Drugstores 8.50$)

Neutrogena Micro Mist Tan. This is a spray product and dries very quickly. The reason this is part of my favorites is because the color it gives looks really natural, not orange at all. It is a non-greasy light spray, dries quickly and applies evenly. You can easily apply more layers to deepen the tan. Because it is a spray the instructions say you do not have to rub it in, but I always do. It is the best way to prevent streaks and get an even color. I love using a 3-4 inch sponge brush to apply (you can find them at any craft store). It provides the best application(Drugstores 10$)

St-Tropez Self Tan. This one is more expensive and is sold at Sephora, not the drugstore. This self tanning line comes in cream product to build up a natural glow, in mousse format and in a spray. The reason I like this line is because I can get a really deep dark tan very quickly and the colour itself is beautiful, not orange. I really like using the Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (you can buy the applicator mitt which is good but i like to use a 3-4 inch sponge brush to apply, it provides the best application)  and the Perfect Legs Spray, but I've tried most products from this line and I am in love. (Sephora; St-Tropez products range 18$-44$) 

Quick Tips: 

  • When using the sunless tan on your legs, apply from the bottom working upward to prevent smudges when bending forward
  • After apply ANY tanning product use a thin layer of lotion on your hands, wrists, elbows and ankles because tanner tends to build up there
  • Use a sponge applicator brush to help you evenly spread out product on your skin
  • Wear latex gloves to avoid tanning you palms AND wash your hands afterwards
  • IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG....St-Tropez has a self tan remover! 
And there you have it, my all-time faves in Sunless Tanners. Give them a try if you want to get a sun-kissed glow this summer and let me know how you liked them!