Thursday, May 9, 2013


We all have our go-to beauty routine that we use all year round. Once again we need to step up our game  and really put all of our beauty tips and tricks to good use. 

Summer is right around the corner and I cannot tell you how excited I am. Obviously I can't wait for the hot weather, but also for the light, fun, flirty fashion and bold bright makeup looks. I just love summer all around. That is why I am starting my ' Summertime Fine' series. Right before summer rolls around we all do some MAJOR Spring Cleaning. The principle is to refresh, clean and prepare for summer what has been cooped up and dusty in the cold winter.

We do it to our houses, our wardrobes, our lawns, etc, but it should NOT end there. Our skin, our hair, our nails have also been dried out and damaged from the harsh winter and that is why I believe in beauty spring cleaning.

So I will be posting about my favourite remedies you can add to your beauty regimen to help prepare you,  just in time for summer. And as I am a big fan of DIY's you can expect some simple and easy remedies coming your way soon!